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Note: This was found on the internet, so it may not be accurate. I will do some research and revise it eventually.

Elizabeth McGovern was born in Evanston, Illinois on July 18, 1961, the daughter of a professor at Northwestern. She later moved to Los Angeles with her family when her father accepted a position with UCLA. She attended North Hollywood High School, where she performed in school plays. Her performance in The Skin of our Teeth, the Thornton Wilder play, caught the eye of agent Joan Scott, who urged her to attend the American Conservatory Theater that summer. She attended the Juilliard School of Dramatic Art in New York, and while there was cast in her first movie, the Oscar-winning "Ordinary People," which was also the directing debut of Robert Redford.

Elizabeth McGovern has since appeared in many movies, on television and on stage. She currently lives in London with her husband Simon Curtis and her two children, Matilda and Grace.